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Ultimate Outdoor Gun Range Experience in Vegas

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind outdoor shooting experience in Las Vegas, you have to check out these high-adrenaline adventures that go above and beyond any other outdoor gun range in Vegas. Feel the heat of the flamethrower as it blasts through the air or see what it’s like to fire rounds from your very own battle tank. With several unique experiences to choose from, it’s clear why we boast the best outdoor shooting range in Las Vegas. Take the fun to the next level and browse our outdoor adventures below.


These M9 flamethrowers have been upgraded and modernized for a hair-raising experience. Our staff will strap YOU up with this US military flamethrower and let you “burn” through five gallon of liquid heat!


You’ve seen the 81mm mortars in World at War, Battlefield and war movies but now experience the thrill of “hanging” five rounds down range!