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From $125

Choose from over 25 unique packages that range from popular video game inspired to historical packages or even your favorite movies.


 Starting at $25.00

Pick and choose weapons from every era and build your own unique first person shooting experience.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Package

Most Popular | Starting at $200

This package puts you in real life action as the first person shooter. Trade in your video game controller and headset for an AK-47, Uzi, MP5, and a Colt Commando.

PUBG Chicken Dinner Package

New Package Now Available | Starting at $825

This package gets straight into the action of the battle royale! You will have chance to shoot 14 total weapons ranging from pistols to sniper rifles to assault rifles.

Mini-Gun Experience

Starting at $245

The MINI-GUN, also known as the M-134, fires over 4,000 rounds a minute. This is the ONLY mini-gun that’s running and available to the public in Las Vegas.

Crush a Car With a Tank

Starting at $2495

This is the closest any civilian will ever get to driving a M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank! The ULTIMATE Las Vegas experience that you will never forget!

Best Sellers

Starting at $125

Experience a realistic military shooting experience provided by veterans who will gladly share their know how. Choose from the most popular packages and guns out of the largest collection in Las Vegas.

Group Packages

Starting at $125

Vegas is known for throwing the best parties, so take it up a notch and host your event with us. We have the biggest and baddest arsenal and can make your party truly explosive.