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Welcome to Las Vegas’s ultimate shooting range! Our wide variety of adventures and packages offer something for gun enthusiasts of all kinds, whether you’re into the WWI classics or want to try your hand at firing the latest military weapons. It all starts at the Battlefield Vegas Armory with different types of weapons for unforgettable shooting experiences. Set your sights on our sniper rifles or feel the raw power of a grenade launcher. With so many of the latest military weapons and equipment to choose from, your experience is what you make it. Browse the Armory below!


Call us two hours before you’d like to shoot and we’ll pick you up in an authentic Humvee for free! You will be driven to and from Battlefield Vegas in a HMMWV by a veteran of the United States military. HMMWV capacity ranges from 3 guests up to 12 guests and if you have a larger party, we can send a convoy to pick everybody up.