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Ground War Outdoor Package

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Ground War Outdoor Package

Ground War Outdoor Package: These are some of the biggest and baddest guns from battles around the world and the only place in Las Vegas for this thrilling experience. Both heavy machineguns used in this experience first saw service in World War II and are still being used by opposing forces throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or wherever Coalition forces are fighting in the War On Terror.

M9 Flamethrower 1 tank

M3 anti-tank artillery piece 2 rounds

M2HB heavy machinegun 20 rounds

DSHK heavy machinegun 20 rounds

M60E6 medium machinegun 50 rounds

MG42 medium machinegun 50 rounds

Barrett M107A1 sniper rifle 5 rounds

HK-320/M79 40mm grenade launcher 2 rounds

PKM medium machinegun 50 rounds

Allows two guests, transportation, eye/ear protection, drinks/refreshments, and snacks. There are no hidden fees. Individual magazines cannot be split.

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$ 3475.00