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Shooting and Tank Driving: “Grunt” Package for TWO

Quick Details

The “Grunt” is for two shooters maximum and has TWO different .50 caliber weapons that are the largest available in the United States military: the Barrett M107A1 and the M2HB QCB!

  • Briefing on driving and operation of the M113A2
  • 20 minutes of driving time in the M113A2 for EACH driver
  • Glock 17 Handgun: 40 rounds 
  • MP5 Submachine Gun: 100 rounds
  • M16A4 Assault Rifle: 100 rounds
  • Barrett M107 Sniper Rifle: 6 rounds
  • M2HB Belt-Fed Machinegun: 40 rounds
  • M9 Flamethrower: 10 gallons (one full tank PER shooter)


You will learn how to start the engine and make sure all systems are good to go. After that, learn how to properly operate the controls and take it for a spin around the track with your Tank Safety Officer (TSO) right by your side to make sure your trip “outside of the wire” goes smoothly. Once your driving experience is over you will drive over to the range and begin your shooting with iconic guns used all over the world. Your shooting adventure ends with blazing away the steel targets with a real M9 flamethrower. 


First deployed during the Vietnam War, the M113 is still in US military service. It has been adopted by over fifty countries and served in many conflicts to include the Six Day War, Yom Kippur, the Gulf War and the Iraq War. From the jungles of Vietnam to fighting in the streets with the new Iraqi Army, this is another once-in-a-lifetime experience available here at Battlefield Vegas.


Driver / Passenger Requirements and Restrictions:

Minimum driver age is 16 years-old

Minimum driver height is and 5’ / 140cm tall

Maximum driver weight is 275 lbs / 140 kilograms

Drivers cannot wear sandals or flip-flops (boots available at no extra cost)

Passengers must be at least 10 years-old and 4’ 6” / 137cm tall

Driving license is not required

Driver and passengers must wear the provided helmet and ear protection

Individuals suspected of being under the influence or impaired from alcohol, recreational marijuana or other medications will not be allowed to drive or shoot.

$ 2,495.00