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Ultimate Outdoor Shooting Experience in Vegas

The BIGGEST guns in private hands can only be found here at Battlefield Vegas. We have the ONLY 155mm artillery piece, an ex-Soviet 122mm direct/indirect artillery piece, 81mm and 60mm mortars, military flamethrowers and even anti-tank guns. Check out the packages below for that “Bucket List” experience you can only do here in Las Vegas!


These M9 flamethrowers have been upgraded and modernized for a hair-raising experience. Our staff will strap YOU up with this US military flamethrower and let you “burn” through five gallon of liquid heat!


This experience includes setting up a World War II-issue M4 60mm mortar and “hanging” four rounds down range. These mortar rounds were developed to provide a flash and a boom on impact but are not considered explosive devices and keep the users safe from any harm or shrapnel. This 60mm mortar has been used WWII, the Korean War and in Vietnam to provide troops to far our for artillery support the ability to defend against enemy attacks.