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M60A1 Main Battle Tank

Quick Details

Get behind the M60’s main gun and take your turn experiencing the awesome power of firing a 105mm high velocity tank round. Start the experience firing the M3A1 “grease gun”. The M3A1’s were standard issue for all M60 tanks until phased out of service. Next, get behind the belt-fed M240 which was the standard coaxial turret gun for the M60A1. You will fire a 40-round belt dismounted from the tank. Finally, you will then get into the gunners seat, boresight the main gun and fire the largest privately-owned main battle tank in the United States.


First deployed during the Vietnam War, the M-60A1 has served in many battlefields to include Israel, Jordan, Egypt and even used by US Marines during Operation Desert Storm.This is the only operational live-fire model that we know of in private hands. Hundreds of hours were put into the restoration of this tank that was “demilitarized” prior to it being released by the United States Marine Corps.


The experience includes:

  • Ride in the Commander’s cupola from the FOB to the shooting position
  • Boresight the 105mm main gun to your target
  • Fire the M68 main gun
  • Fire 50 rounds from the M3A1 “Grease Gun” sub machinegun
  • Fire a 40-round belt from the M240 belt-fed machinegun
$ 2495.00