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We can host your next corporate event, birthday party, wedding, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any other special day. Battlefield Vegas offers many different services to include banquet seating, a full liquor bar, DJs, and catering. We also provide transportation for your party to and from all Las Vegas Strip in our authentic Military Humvees. What better way to start a corporate outing or special day than blasting away with full auto-machine guns in a safe and friendly environment?  Then, relax enjoy some great food and drinks from our local catering experts while enjoying the Vegas Skyline and music provided by our talented DJ.

After-Hours Events

Battlefield Vegas offers after-hours events starting at 7:30 p.m. that gives your guests the ability to have Battlefield Vegas in a special private setting. You and your guests are able to have a private range, staff dedicated to your party, and a unique environment.

Tank Crush

There’s no greater Grand Finale than the CAR CRUSH WITH A TANK!!! That’s right, you can crush a car with a tank. One driver and one rider crush a real car with our Abrams Main Battle Tank. Our expert staff give you a safety briefing and instruction on driving the tank, then you lay waste to a real car.

Special Group Offers