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MWO: Modern Warfare Outdoors

Quick Details

Experience the rush of getting behind each of these weapon systems being used in current military operations around the world. Pistols, sub machineguns, light machineguns, medium machineguns, grenade launchers and even one of the most feared rifles in the field today, the Barrett .50 caliber semi-automatic sniper rifle. These various weapon systems are used by both good and bad from the jungles in Central America to the street battles in Syria. You’ll be hard-pressed to avoid these in any current battle or find them all in one spot you while getting driven around in Humvees and M113 armored personnel carriers without having to join the military.

MWO: Modern Warfare Outdoors

Glock 17 9mm 20 rounds

Sig P226 9mm 20 rounds


HK MP5 9mm 50 rounds

Evo Scorpion 9mm 50 rounds

Sig MPX 9mm 50 rounds

Vityaz 9mm 50 rounds


M4 223 50 rounds

Krinkov 223 50 rounds

G36 223 50 rounds

SCAR-16 223 50 rounds


M249 223 50 round belt

M240 308 50 round belt

PKM 7.62 x 54R 50 round belt

M60 E4/E6 308 50 round belt

Barret M82 .50 2 rounds


M203 GL 40mm 2 rounds

HK-320 GL 40mm 2 rounds

Allows two guests, transportation, eye/ear protection, drinks/refreshments, and snacks. There are no hidden fees. Individual magazines cannot be split.

$ 2,495.00