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Ultimax 100 Machine Gun

Quick Details

  • Caliber: 5.56 x 45mm NATO
  • Type: Fully-Automatic
  • Category: Light Machine Gun
  • Origin: Singapore
  • Capacity: 25 round magazine
20 Rounds
40 Rounds

The Ultimax 100 is a Singapore-made 5.56mm light machine gun, developed by the Chartered Industries of Singapore by a team of engineers under the guidance of American firearms designer L. James Sullivan. The gun is extremely accurate due to its low recoil. Work on a new light support weapon for the Singapore Army began in 1978. The Ultimax 100 is used in significant numbers by the armed forces of Singapore, Croatia and the Philippines. The Mark 3 variant is currently used in the Singapore Armed Forces primarily as a support arm, and is both classified and known by soldiers as the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon).

Frequently Asked Questions