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MG13 Medium Machine Gun

Quick Details

  • Caliber: 7.92x57mm
  • Type: Fully-Automatic
  • Category: Belt-fed/Medium Machine Gun
  • Origin: Nazi Germany
  • Capacity: 25-round magazines
20 Rounds
40 Rounds

The MG 13 was a German general-purpose machine gun obtained by rebuilding a World War I water-cooled machine gun. The MG 13 was introduced into service in 1930, where it served as the standard light machine gun. It was superseded by cheaper, faster firing models and was officially withdrawn from service in 1934; most of the MG 13s were sold to Portugal, where they were used into the late 1940s. Those MG 13s that were not sold were placed into storage, and later saw use in World War II by second line German units.

Frequently Asked Questions