Type 92 / “Lewis Gun” Light Machine Gun

Quick Details

  • Caliber: .303 British
  • Type: Fully-Automatic
  • Category: Belt-fed/Medium Machine Gun
  • Origin:Japan/England
  • Capacity: 20-round drum magazine

The Type 92 Light Machine Gun was a light machine gun used by the Japanese Imperial forces during World War II. The Japanese military purchased all the tooling, spare parts and technical package from the British after World War 1. Once these were produced in Japan, they kept the original .303 caliber which added yet one more type of ammunition to keep in their inventory. This weapon is more famously known as the Lewis Gun and was used extensively in WWI by US and British forces on airplanes as well as ground guns.

This actual weapon was captured by a Marine during WWII and even has battle damage to the muzzle where a bullet struck it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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