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ANZAC Legends Package

Quick Details

The Weapons

  • Enfield No.1 Mk.3  “The .303”: 10 Rounds
  • Steyr Aug “F88”: 25 Rounds
  • Aussie SLR: 20 Rounds
  • Browning Hi-Power: 20 Rounds
  • Bren MkII: 25 Rounds

For the first time ever Australians and New Zealanders can now have the honor and chance to fire the full range of weapons used throughout our heritage by our ANZAC forefathers. Fire the legendary .303 Lithgow Lee Enfield used to hit the beach at Gallipoli and in the Western front of WWI to the deserts of Africa and jungles of New Guinea during WWII.

  • Fire the infamous Bren gun also chambered in .303 used during WW2 in the desert and jungles.
  • Get behind the Aussie Lithgow made SLR as a tribute to our Vietnam veterans used during the battle of Long Tan and other Vietnam engagements.
  • Shoot a browning Hi Power 9mm the standard service pistol from Vietnam to current Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Unleash on the Steyr chambered in 5.56 NATO used by Aussie diggers and Kiwi troops in East Timor, Solomon Islands, Iraq, and current Afghanistan.

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