SG-43 Machine Gun

Quick Details

  • Caliber: 7.62x54Rmm
  • Type: Fully-Automatic
  • Category: Belt-fed/Medium Machine Gun
  • Origin: Russia (our model was made in Egypt)
  • Capacity: 20, 40 and 100 round belts

The Goryunov SG-43 was introduced during WWII, intended to replace the M1910 Russian Maxim as the standard medium machine gun. Like the 1910 Maxim, the Goryunov is usually seen on the ‘Sokolov’ wheeled-turntable mount. This weapons was manufactured in many Warsaw Pact nations in addition to Egypt.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down What is your refund policy?
  • Should something happen and you need a refund for your purchase online, there is a non-refundable 10% fee that will be taken out.

  • Chevron down What is the minimum age for shooting at Battlefield Vegas?
  • Our minimum age for shooters is 10 years of age. Firearm selection is limited for shooters under the age of 14. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • Chevron down Do I need photo identification to shoot at Battlefield Vegas?
  • Yes, please bring a valid form of photo identification (ie: driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc)