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Four Star General Package

Quick Details

The Weapons

  • M-60: 40 rounds
  • M-1919A4: 40 rounds
  • M-240: 40 rounds
  • M-249 SAW: 40 rounds

This package is designed especially for the elite shooter who wants to fire America’s best belt-fed machine guns. First, start off with a 1919A4. This machine gun saw action from the beaches of Normandy to the hill tops of Korea.

Next up is the M60 machine gun that was commonly called “the pig” and was the workhorse of US ground troops for decades. From the battle of Khe Sanh to Operation Desert Storm the M60 was the go to gun of US troops across the globe. When the Army went looking for a lighter faster alternative the M249 answered the call.

Used as early as the invasion of Panama to oust Noriega, the M249 is still serving proudly by taking out insurgents in Fallajuh and Baghdad.

Now on to the last machine gun in the line up: the M240. The most reliable and accurate machine gun in military history, the M240 and it’s variants are used by the forces of over 20 coalition nations. Get some trigger time on the machine gun that coalition forces use today to bring the Taliban to their knees in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Frequently Asked Questions