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Fortress Europe is our newest experience here at Battlefield Vegas. It includes weapons used by both Allied and Axis forces throughout Europe on both fronts AND get dropped off on the Las Vegas Strip in an original World War II M2A1 half track. This is THE ultimate package for the history buff or gamer who can appreciate the weapons and vehicles of World War II. 

Fortress Europe includes driving back to the Strip in the half track and the following:


- Browning 1919A4 MG 40 Rounds

- Bren MkII MG 40 Rounds

- Vickers MkII MG 40 Rounds

- Maxim M-1910 MG 40 Rounds

- MG-42 MG 40 Rounds

- DP-28 MG 40 Rounds

- M1 Garand rifle 24 Rounds

- Enfield No. 4 MkI rifle 10 Rounds

- STG-44 assault rifle 40 Rounds

- PPSH-41SMG 50 Rounds

- PPS43 SMG 50 Rounds

- M3 "grease gun" SMG 50 Rounds

- MP-40 SMG 50 Rounds

- Thompson M1A1 SMG 50 Rounds

- Sten Mk II SMG 50 Rounds

- Browning Hi-Power pistol 20 Rounds

- M-1911 pistol 20 Rounds

- Luger P-08 pistol 20 Rounds

- Tokerav TT-33 pistol 20 Rounds

 Can be shared with one additional shooter at no additional cost.

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