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If you're a gamer then you've had to at least once in your life picked up a controller or grabbed a keyboard and spent a little time behind the classic first person shooter Counter Strike. This extreme package lets you get your hands on most of the guns that have been offered on Counter Strike and even other games to include Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Ghosts and the successful Battlefield series of games. 



  • HK MP5: 25 rounds
  • Glock 17: 10 rounds
  • FN P90: 25 rounds
  • Desert Eagle: 5 rounds
  • Beretta M9: 10 rounds
  • MAC-10: 25 rounds
  • M249: 20 rounds
  • Remington 700: 5 rounds
  • SIG 552: 25 rounds
  • Galil: 25 rounds
  • HK UMP: 25 rounds
  • M16 w/M203 grenade launcher: one grenade
  • FN Five-Seven: 10 rounds
  • Steyr AUG: 25 rounds
  • AK47: 25 rounds
  • M4 carbine: 25 rounds
  • Benelli M4 shotgun: 5 rounds


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Policies and FAQ

Battlefield Vegas prices are all inclusive. Weapons instruction, ammunition, eye/ear protection, range fees and a target are included with each package or a la carte package. 

Sales tax will be charged at time of check-in. If you'd like to share a package with up to one person, a $20 fee will apply at time of check-in. 

Please wear closed-toed shoes, bring your camera and do not arrive intoxicated. 

For more FAQ, please click here.

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