Frequently Asked Questions

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Phone: (702) 566-1000
General Inquiries:
General Inquiries and Transportation Reservations: (For Humvee Pickups please include the following information; Pickup date, time, location, total number of people and U.S./Canadian phone number if applicable)

Q: What is the Early Bird and Happy Hour Special and how do I qualify?
The Early Bird Special is a 15% discount on all packages purchased in store. To qualify for this discount you must purchase your package in store by 09:30 AM for the Early Bird Special (Everyday) and the Happy Hour Special Starts (Only Offered Monday-Friday) at 5:30 PM and ends at 6:30 PM (online orders cannot be discounted) or your transportation from your hotel has to be booked for a time no later than 09:30 AM and 6:00 PM for the Happy Hour Special.This discount cannot be stacked with other discounts and only applies to our pre-made packages (excludes a la cart and Group rate packages). 

Q: Is it better to purchase what I want to shoot on the website?
If you purchase your package(s) or individual guns on the website, you will still have to pay the sales tax when you arrive. The advantage is your ticket will be put as priority in the queue to go onto the range with the next available  Range Safety Officer. Please make sure to bring the card used to place the order.
Q: Do I need to make reservation?
No, we make it very simple here at Battlefield Vegas. Simply call us (702-566-1000) two hours before you want to shoot and we will send an authentic U.S. military HMMWV (Humvee) to pick you up at your Las Vegas strip hotel. If you would like to schedule a pickup via email or a group event email Due to the high email traffic we get, all bookings via email must be done at least 72 hours in advance of requested date.

Q: Is there a charge for the Humvee pick-up? 
No! It’s a complementary service, not to mention a lot of fun! You will be driven to and from Battlefield Vegas in a HMMWV by a veteran of the United States military. HMMWV capacity ranges from 3 guests up to 12 guests and if you have a larger party, we can send a convoy to pick everybody up.
We pick up from any of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, and any of the hotels in the Downtown/Fremont area.

Q: Are there any health restrictions that will prevent me from shooting?
Please ensure that neither you nor your party are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol before coming to our facility. Although you will not be escorted off the premises, those that are under the influence will not only be not allowed to handle a firearm, but they cannot go into our range. 
If you are pregnant or nursing: For the safety of you and your baby, we do not allow those that are pregnant or nursing onto our range. 

Q: What is the minimum age for shooting at Battlefield Vegas?
Our minimum age for shooters is 10 years of age. Firearm selection is limited for shooters under the age of 14. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. 

Q: What firearms can guests under 14 years of age shoot at Battlefield Vegas?
Guests under the age of 14 years-old have a variety of firearms to choose from. The list includes a Glock 17, M4 carbine and AK-47 that have all been converted to fire .22 only. Additionally, guests can also choose a suppressed MP5 and Colt Commando because of minimal recoil. Lastly, weapons that are in fixed positions on weapons mounts (M249, 1919A4, etc) and only shoot straight into the bullet trap are allowed. Please note: Even if your child is over the age of 10, we reserve the right to refuse service to guests who we feel will cannot handle a firearm, do not follow orders OR if the military-trained Range Safety Officer feels the guest is not competent to handle a firearm.

Q: Can I create my own combination? 
Absolutely, use our a la carte pricing to create any combination you can come up with.

Q: What’s included in the price? 
Battlefield Vegas prices are all inclusive. Weapons instruction, ammunition, eye/ear protection, range fees and a target are included with each package or a la carte package. There are no hidden fees that other ranges will surprise you with at the register.

Q: Do I need photo identification to shoot at Battlefield Vegas?
Yes, please bring a valid form of photo identification (ie: driver's license, passport, military ID, etc)

Q: Are there any hidden fees that I should be aware of at Battlefield Vegas?
Absolutely not! We will not surprise you with additional fees for targets, eye protection, hearing protection muffs or additional foam ear plugs. Additionally, we do not charge our guests "lane fees" if you choose to take a taxi to Battlefield Vegas instead of using our complimentary Humvee shuttle service.

Q: Can I shoot by myself in the range? 
No, a Range Safety Officer (RSO) is present with you at all times. Each guest is assigned a RSO with a US military background that has been independently certified to provide range instruction. Your RSO will will provide a safety briefing to include proper stance and positioning, proper handling and all other range rules that are STRICTLY enforced.

Q: Can two people share a package? 
Yes, there is a $20.00 Additional Shooter charge (max of 2 shooters per package). But, due to safety reasons, 2 people can NOT share a single magazine. 

Q: Can I add additional ammunition?
Yes-- the extra ammunition will be priced using individual weapons pricing.

Q: Is there a required dress code? 
No, but we suggest closed toed shoes. 

Q: Can I take pictures while at Battlefield Vegas? 
Yes! Take all the pictures and video you want and use the hashtag #battlefieldvegas when you share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  

Q: Can I bring my own weapons to Battlefield Vegas? 
No, Battlefield Vegas does not allow privately owned weapons or ammunition on our range. Many of our guests have never seen a real firearm before entering Battlefield Vegas, let alone shoot one. Safety is our primary concern and every firearm in the range must be under OUR strict control. 

Q: What is your refund policy?
Should something happen and you need a refund for your purchase online, there is a non-refundable 10% fee that will be taken out.