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Shoot a 105mm Leopard AS1

Quick Details

Based on the Leopard 1A5, our “Aussie AS1” has all the guts and glory that modern tanks need. Our Leopard sends 105mm high velocity tank rounds down range with all the heart-thumping concussion and recoil you would expect. Start the experience by firing an AUG bull-pup assault rifle. The Australian’s call it the F88 but it’s the same 5.56 select-fire assault rifle as the Austrian model. Next, get behind the belt-fed MAG-58. You will fire a 40-round belt dismounted from the tank OR from the commander’s cupola. Finally, you will then get into the gunners seat, boresight the main gun and fire the largest privately-owned main battle tank in the United States.

Leopard Tanks entered service with the Australian Defence Force in 1977 and were operated by the 1st Armoured Regiment. The tanks were initially purchased to replace the British Centurions which had served since 1952 and had been deployed during the Vietnam War. The Leopard AS1 Tanks served for over 30 years, playing a central role in meeting the nation’s defence needs, however their guns were never fired in combat operations.

The experience includes:

  • Ride in the Commander’s cupola from the FOB to the shooting position
  • Boresight the 105mm main gun to your target
  • Fire the L7A3 main gun
  • Fire 50 rounds from an AUG / F88 5.56 full-auto assault rifle.
  • Fire 40-rounds from a MAG-58 belt-fed machinegun

Driver / Passenger Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Minimum driver age is 16 years-old
  • Minimum driver height is and 5’ / 140cm tall
  • Maximum driver weight is 275 lbs / 140 kilograms
  • Drivers cannot wear sandals or flip-flops (boots available at no extra cost)
  • Passengers must be at least 10 years-old and 4’ 6” / 137cm tall
  • Driving license is not required
  • Driver and passengers must wear the provided helmet and ear protection
  • Individuals suspected of being under the influence or impaired from alcohol, recreational marijuana or other medications will not be allowed to drive or shoot.
$ 2495.00