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Heavy Strike Package

Quick Details

The Weapons

  • Desert Eagle: 10 rounds
  • S&W 500: 10 rounds
  • M-240: 40 rounds
  • MG-42: 40 rounds

For the guest that must take everything they do to the extreme, this is the package for you. The Desert Eagle is the biggest and baddest semi-auto pistol around. If Dirty Harry were still fighting crime he would turn in his “little” .44 magnum for our Smith & Wesson 500. After you shoot the world’s two biggest handguns, you get to lay down fire from the crew serve weapon that’s currently being used by coalition forces to strike fear into the hearts of the Taliban. Known as “Hitlers Buzzsaw”, the MG42 kept allied forces at bay during many battles of WWII. This Vegas shooting range package is not for the faint of heart!

Frequently Asked Questions