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M114 Howitzer: 155MM Artillery Experience!

Quick Details

This is the LARGEST artillery piece in private hands within the United States no matter what you’ve heard or seen. It’s massive 155mm barrel sends a 100 pound projectile down range and with such force that this experience is NOT for the faint of heart. You not only get to shoot a piece of history but will be part of the “fire team” that loads the loads and aims the artillery piece. Each projectile needs to be loaded by a two-man team because of the massive weight (100 pounds) and you also get to experience sighting this weapon in. This the ultimate “Bucket List” gun to shoot as you can’t shoot anything bigger in the United States without joining the military.

The experience includes:

  • Safety brief on where you and your guest will be positioned for safety
  • Boresight the 155mm main gun to your target
  • Load the projectile with your friends or our team of artillery specialists
  • Heart-pounding explosion of 7 pounds of powder 

Shooter / Guest Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Minimum shooter age is 16 years-old
  • Shooter cannot wear sandals or flip-flops
  • Guests must follow all Safety Officer’s positioning instructions
  • Individuals suspected of being under the influence or impaired from alcohol, recreational marijuana or other medications will not be allowed to drive or shoot.


$ 2995.00