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M113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier driving experience

Drive a tank one block away from the Las Vegas Strip!

Quick Details

Quick Details

Directly next door to our main facility, this driving course will keep you within minutes of the Las Vegas Strip. Guests get three laps in our APC driver’s course that includes maneuvering around other armored vehicles, driving into a pit and navigating up and down mounds that will give the driver the full experience of what it’s like to jump into a M113A2 armored personnel carrier. You will have a Tank Safety Operator (TSO) right next to you the entire time. We provide all transportation to and from Battlefield Vegas free of charge and there are NO hidden fees or costs.

Experience includes:

  • Briefing and instructions on the controls and operation of a M113A2
  • Using military communication systems to interact with your TSO
  • Drive three laps on the APC driver’s course
  • Up to TWO (2) guests are allowed to ride along in the troop compartment at no additional cost
  • Each additional guest after the two complimentary spots are $25 each
  • Allow up to thirty-minutes (30) from beginning when planning your lunch, dinner or show

This experience provides guests with the unique experience to drive M113’s that have a bonafide military history. These were originally built in the early to mid 1960’s and used by US military personnel and then sold to Israel where they were used since the late 1970’s to move troops around during combat and military exercises. During the mid 1990’s, they were rebuilt and modernized and upgraded to allow more troops inside and to travel farther distances. These were just imported in July of 2020 and are now ready for guests to get some “stick time” behind these combat veterans.

Driver / Passenger Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Minimum driver age is 16 years-old
  • Minimum driver height is and 5’ / 140cm tall
  • Maximum driver weight is 275 lbs / 140 kilograms
  • Drivers cannot wear sandals or flip-flops (boots available at no extra cost)
  • Passengers must be at least 10 years-old and 4’ 6” / 137cm tall
  • Driving license is not required
  • Driver and passengers must wear the provided helmet and ear protection
  • Individuals suspected of being under the influence or impaired from alcohol, recreational marijuana or other medications will not be allowed to drive or shoot.
Driving Experience
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