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Das Blitzkreig, translated to Lightning War, referenced the fast and hard hitting strategy used by Nazi forces in the opening days of WWII. German aerial, ground forces and paratroopers "blitzed" their way through France and took complete control of the country in under two months. The K98 Mauser and MP40 Sub Machine Gun were the workhorses of the German soldier and the P08 Luger pistol was the prized sidearm of the German officers. We'll put these authentic weapons in your hands and give you a chance to relive a part of WWII.

The Weapons

  • LUGER P-08: 15 rounds
  • MAUSER 98K: 10 rounds
  • MP40: 50 rounds

  • The Reviews

    Policies and FAQ

    Battlefield Vegas prices are all inclusive. Weapons instruction, ammunition, eye/ear protection, range fees and a target are included with each package or a la carte package.

    Sales tax will be charged at time of check-in. If you'd like to share a package with up to one person, a $20 fee will apply at time of check-in.

    Please wear closed-toed shoes, bring your camera and do not arrive intoxicated.

    For more FAQ, please click here.

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