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Basic Training Outdoor Package

Quick Details

This experience lets you travel through time and visit the battlefields of World War II all the way to the hot spots in the Middle East. Then jump on the M1 anti-tank gun that would strike fear through the hearts of enemy tankers. Lastly, get behind some of the same weapons being used in the Middle East by both the good guys and the bad guys.

Basic Training Outdoor Package:

M4 50 rounds  5.56

Krinkov AKS-74 5.56

AUG 50 rounds 5.56

SCAR-L 50 rounds 5.56

HK G36 50 rounds 5.56

M249     50 rounds 5.56

M1 Anti-Tank Gun 1 round 40mm

M9 Flamethrower 1 tank

Allows two guests, transportation, eye/ear protection, drinks/refreshments, and snacks. There are no hidden fees. Individual magazines cannot be split.

$ 1505.00