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Axis and Allies Outdoor Package

Quick Details

Axis and Allies Outdoor Package

Get your hands on the same weapons used by young American, British and German soldiers as they battled across Europe and Africa. These iconic weapons were used by both Allied soldiers in the push and by Axis troops in their retreat against the most overwhelming forces ever seen in the world. From the beaches of Normandy, the bridges throughout Arnhem to the streets of Berlin.

1911 20 rounds

Luger P-08 20 rounds

Hi-Power 20 rounds

M1 Garand 24 rounds

Mauser 98K 20 rounds

Enfield .303 20 rounds

Thompson 1928 50 rounds

MP40 50 rounds

Sten Mk5 50 rounds

1919A4 50 rounds

Bren Mk II 40 rounds

MG42 50 rounds

M2 60mm mortar 2 rounds

M9 flamethrower

M1 Anti-Tank Gun 1 round 40mm

Allows two guests, transportation, eye/ear protection, drinks/refreshments, and snacks. There are no hidden fees. Individual magazines cannot be split.

$ 2315.00