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Tank Driving Experience

Quick Details

This experience provides guests with the unique experience to drive M113A2 Armored Personnel Carriers that have a real military history. These were originally built in the early to mid 1960’s and used by US military personnel and then sold to Israel where they were used since the late 1970’s to move troops around during combat and military exercises. During the mid 1990’s, they were rebuilt and modernized and upgraded to allow more troops inside and to travel farther distances. Battlefield Vegas just imported in the summer of 2020.  Guests get three laps in our APC driver’s course that includes maneuvering around other armored vehicles and navigating up and down mounds that will give the driver the full experience of what it’s like to jump into a M113A2 armored personnel carrier. You will have a Tank Safety Operator (TSO) right next to the entire time to guide you along.


Experience includes:

  • Briefing on the controls and operation of a M113A2
  • Using military communication systems to interact with TSO
  • Drive three laps on the APC driver’s course
  • One guest is allowed to ride along in the troop compartment at no additional cost


From :
$ 299.99
Tank Driving Experience