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Air and Ground Assault Outdoor Adventure

Quick Details

The ultimate Vegas adrenaline experience that gets you behind heavy weapons on the ground and in the air. 


You adventure begins with you riding in the commander’s position of a M113A2 armored personnel carrier where you will shoot twenty-five rounds on the fifty caliber M2HB. The M2HB has been used in every US military conflict since WWII. Troops in Afghanistan and other hotspots around the world continue to use this ground-thumping heavy machinegun this very day.


Next, you will get behind the most iconic sniper rifle in the world…..the Barrett M107 fifty caliber sniper rifle. Experience the thunder of sending five rounds down range and see if you can all rounds into the hitzone of a military vehicle parked on a ridge. 


The third station of this experience make you a part of a very limited club of people in the world outside of special operation forces that get to put their hands a M134. This weapon system was first used in Vietnam where it was mounted on attack choppers. Since then, it has been transformed into an even faster-firing weapon and mounted on a HMMWV where it spits bullets out at almost 6,000 rounds a minute. 


Lastly, you will get a mission briefing on your door gunner experience on a low-flying helicopter assault. Once you’ve been cleared by the pilot, you will strap into the gunner’s seat while the pilot flies you to the top of the mountain where you will engage targets with 200 rounds from a M249 squad automatic weapon.


$ 2495.00



M2 .50 Caliber Machinegun 25 Rounds Fired from APC



M134 Mini-Gun 7.62 200 Rounds from Humvee

Once in control of an M249 Saw, you’re cleared to open fire on multiple groups of airplanes, zombies, and AR-500 reactive steel targets all while listening to Vietnam era classic rock music.

  • Ground simulation and pre-flight mission briefing
  • Mission Flight Gunship Helicopter
  • Access to our 71-Acre Exclusive Shooting Range
  • Fire A Belt Fed Fully Automatic FN M249 SAW
  • 200 Rounds of Ammunition